BuilderSmart is a fully integrated building materials distributors. The company focuses on three concepts to answer the needs of interior designers and contractors.

Business overview

BuilderSmart was established on 20th July 1999 in the name of BuilderSmart Centre Ltd. The Company operated building materials distributing of commercial office and residential for Designers, Interior Decorators and Constructors

In 2007, BuilderSmart Distrivution Centre Ltd. Became a Public Limited Company and changed its name to be BuilderSmart Public Company Limited on 26th October 2007

On 14th February 2007, the company was listed on the mai with the aim of being one of the leading Building materials distributing of commercial office and residential in Thailand

At present, BuilderSmart has Head Office & Warehouse in 905/7 Rama III Rd., Soi 51, Bangpongpang, Yannawa,Bangkok 10120 and 3 branches located in Phuket, Surat Thani and Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The company distributes construction materials and produces high quality furniture for offices and homes under the concept "Build for Life: high quality construction materials for better life." The company operates business on three key concepts:

  1. Fast Track Focus on designing products that are easy to use and can be easily installed.
  2. Real Value Produce and sell quality product with reasonable price. The company will always inspect products before launching to the market.
  3. Environmental Friendly BuilderSmart's products are environmental friendly.

The company's products can be 7 groups :

  1. Commercial Partitioning Systems
    Products group are ALLOY Partitioning Systems, Clestra Partitioning Systems, BSM Partition
  2. Architectural Door Hardware
    ALLOY Hardware suitable for decorative and design that is unique
  3. Fast Track Wall & Ceiling Systems
    Products group are Wall :
    • BSM Drywall
    • X Block Wall
    • Insulation
    Products group are Ceiling
    • BSM TIS
    • BSM 40
    • CMAX Acoustic + BSM T-Bar
    • Ceiling Decor
    • Serve Board
  4. Carpet
    Tandus Carpet is environmentally friendly product and anti bial
  5. Sustainable Timber Solutions
    Products group are MDF Eco1 (FSC), Laminate, Veneer, Lignia, Pine and Glue for furniture (3M and Fuller)
  6. Architectural Window & Door Systems
    Product group is Fletcher
  7. General Building Products
    The products under the leading domestic brands such as Gyproc, SHERA, Ha Huang, Ameron, Fuller and A-Seals etc.

The company focuses on three major groups of customer :

  1. Architect and designer
  2. Contractor and interior contractor
  3. Construction project owner

The company's products are well-accepted by customers, designers, contractors and project owners. The company's projects are used in many leading construction projects, both domestically and internationally.